Become a Better Clash Royale Player With Archetypes

All Clash Royale players should know how to use archetypes. Knowing all about them will definitely improve your gameplay and make you an all-around better player. Some gaming competitions require more than just skill. This article will show you how to master all of your available archetypes and how to use the right ones against your opponents.

Cycle decks can be a great start

Because Hog Cycle is one of the most popular cycle decks in the game, it’s one that is easy to master and that performs great, even against top ranking players.

The Hog Rider does not require as much elixir as others’, so this deck can easily be put to good use, especially by watching one of the game’s most talented players (Surgical Goblin) walk you through a thorough tutorial.

Using Beatdown decks for maximum efficiency

In order to win using Beatdown decks, patience is key. It’s imperative that, from the start of the game, you trade elixirs and get more elixir than your opponents. In case this is impossible, surviving will have to do.

The Golem Beatdown deck is best used with the Mega Minion for taking out tanks, while for fending off weak attacks you can use the Lumberjack. Placing the Elixir Collector in a good spot helps keep your elixir levels up.

When the double-elixir part of the game starts, the deck really shines. The Golem is the most important part of the deck and should be supported by other units after playing it near the King tower.

If you use the Golem for finishing off your opponent, you should win the game.

Spell Bait can easily break other players’ defense

This deck is one that can really stress the other players’ defenses. If you can bait your opponents to use their most powerful attacks, you can then use the Goblin Gang and Goblin Barrel to finish off the tower.

Inferno Tower and the Knight can be used to destroy a counter attack, but don’t use your Rocket unless you want to guarantee your win.

Make your own deck and innovate

If you want to really confuse other players, think your own way through the available archetypes and develop your own deck. Either way, there are many ways for you to use your favorite cards within the game.

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