Here are Five WhatsApp Secrets you Perhaps Didn’t Know

Currently, WhatsApp is being used by over 1 billion users worldwide. With so many people using it, you might want to avoid some useless information or you might want to improve the time spent on this app. For any reason at all, here is a list of 5 WhatsApp secrets which you didn’t know before.

  1. Don’t let them know you see their messages

There are many reasons to keep you from answering a WhatsApp text. However, the blue ticks will give you away. If you don’t want to let anyone know that you see their messages, the go to the Privacy menu and turn off Read Receipts.

  1. Figure out who your friends are

We live in a world where friendship is measured in data storage. If you want to find out with whom you talked to the most or if you just want to save storage space, then go to Data and Storage Usage, then tap ‘Storage Usage’. You’ll see the rankings of your most used conversations.

  1. See when they have read your text

In a group chat, the ticks turn blue only when everyone has seen your message. However, if you tap and hold on the message and select Info you will see your desired details.

  1. Hide your pic

You might not want to let everyone see your profile pic. If you want to go completely anonymous, and then go to Privacy, tap ‘Profile Phote’ and choose ‘Nobody’ to hide your picture.

  1. Mute annoying sounds

Being part of a group chat might drive you crazy with sound notifications. But you can mute them, you know? Tap that annoying group chat, tap its name and when you see the ‘Group Info’ option appear, select ‘Mute’. You will be able to mute them for any amount of time you’d like, from eight hours to an entire year.

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