Spotify Premium APK Update Available to Download

You might wonder why would you need to pay for a service that can be used for free. We will share with you some reasons why we believe switching to the Spotify Premium service could be a good idea.

Why you should consider subscribing to Spotify Premium

First of all, ads are something that no one wants to see on their devices. Unfortunately, since the free version of Spotify needs to be supported by ads, which have to play quite often, there’s not much you can do in this situation not to be disturbed by ads, unless you decide to subscribe to the Premium service. This could be particularly useful if you use a smartphone for Spotify, as most of us do these days.

More than just removing the ads from the mobile app, signing up for the premium version will get rid of all the limitations that the free app has, such as the 15 personalized playlists that are chosen by Spotify’s algorithms and offered to you on the mobile app.

Another important advantage of a Spotify premium account would be the fact that you could easily download tracks to listen to them when you are offline. Moreover, the quality of the streams would be much higher when you choose the paid version.

Overall, it depends on you if you want to commit to a monthly fee or not. If ads are bothering you and you listen to a lot of music, then choosing to have a premium version could be the best idea.

What you should know about Spotify Premium APK

Since this popular app is available for free on the Play Store, you don’t need a Spotify APK, unless of course you want to have access to the premium features without actually subscribing to the paid version.

Nevertheless, be extremely careful when installing APKs, as there are always risks that come with using one. Also, don’t forget that not paying for a service that requires this, is, in fact, considered piracy, so every choice you make is your own responsibility.

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