The Samsung Foldable Phone Might be Back – But with a Flip

The phone with a foldable screen might be just around the corner, with one designer publishing a 3D concept of the possible Samsung Galaxy X.

The phone will be more like a phablet, with a huge foldable screen, but thanks to its foldable design, the device will be almost as pocketable as a regular smartphone. This might mean the best of the both worlds – great screen for watching all your favorite media, but a small enough size to store while on the go.

The way the designer pictured it, the hinge makes the device look more like a wallet that you fold, rather than an object that can be folded completely flat. But nonetheless, this device looks like something many people would love having in their pockets and brag with.

Existing alternatives until the launch of the Galaxy X

During the past few years, producers have been struggling to offer more screen-to-body ratio and this might just be the solution. For instance, last year, Apple was one of the mobile phone producers who made the all-screen front, with only a small notch at the very top. Some producers copied the design, with Huawei being one of the leaders of the all-screen front mobile designs.

In 2018, however, makers like Vivo made the notch-less all-screen phone with a retractable camera that just pops out of the top of the device when you need it. But those moving parts, although innovative, will probably make the phone more prone to breaking down over time.

So this design, with a foldable screen, might just be the winner when it comes to having a phone that you can stuff in your pocket, but still have more than 6” of screen when you want to do some gaming or watch YouTube videos. Unfortunately, the concept would require bendable OLED screens, which are hard to come by, at least for now.

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