Xbox All Access Offers Xbox Consoles, Games, And Services Under A Monthly Subscription Plan

Entering the Microsoft’s gaming ecosystem could be much easier if indeed they confirm the Xbox All Access that is being promoted currently by several US news portals. This new Xbox All Access membership would include the video game console and would allow access to the other Xbox services with only a single monthly payment.

Xbox All Access would allow access to Xbox Live Gold, Game Pass, as well as to an Xbox console

Xbox All Access would be offered under a biannual subscription plan and would include the console itself and access to the most comprehensive Xbox experience, with all the online multiplayer features Xbox Live Gold offers and a growing library of more than 100 games to start with under the Game Pass.

According to the information, Xbox All Access would cost $22 per month for the Xbox One S subscription and $35 per month to get the Xbox One X. Doing the math isn’t a bad business, as adding the cost for an Xbox console and a two-year subscription to Xbox Live Gold and Game Pass would add up to nearly $600.

According to some sources, the new Xbox All Access service would be available only in the US

The new facility would be cheaper than purchasing the components separately and, in addition, could be paid for in monthly installments until the two-year contract is completed. Once the contract ends, the customer would own the console. No doubt, Microsoft wants to make it as easy as possible to add customers to its gaming ecosystem.

If you’re wondering why Xbox All Access hasn’t been announced at the Gamescom 2018 Insider Xbox conference, sources say the service will only be released across the United States. The official announcement from Microsoft is expected in the upcoming weeks.

The new service for Microsoft’s Xbox would be a great achievement for the company and would undoubtedly attract more new gamers.

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