Bixby Button on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Can’t Be Disabled Anymore As In The Previous Models

Along with the new Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launch, there came the revamped version of Bixby, the Samsung’s assistant. As usual, the wizard has its own button on the phone, a switch that many users usually opt to deactivate. However, the new Bixby button can’t be disabled.

The Galaxy Note 9 is Samsung’s brand-new high-end smartphone, officially launched a couple of weeks ago. That is a phone with which the Korean brand hopes to improve sales of its high-end terminals this year. Sales of the Samsung Galaxy S9 have fallen below the company’s expectations. The pressure on this model is therefore high.

But with this new model, things are different, since in the new Galaxy Note 9 it is not possible to deactivate the Bixby button. Bad news for users who were planning to do that.

Bixby button on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 can’t be disabled as in the previous models

In this way, high-end users are forced to use this button. Perhaps the arrival of the new version of Bixby was decisive for this decision of the company. Although we can imagine that some users are not entirely happy, as it is a decision that limits the customization options the users have.

While on other Samsung models you could stop using the button or try to find another use for it, with the newly launched Galaxy Note 9, there is no other possible option to deactivate the switch or link it to another function.

Bixby’s here to stay, and you can access it with that button.

The company itself has not made any statement on the matter so far, but with so many adverse reactions already appearing on the Internet, Samsung should come out and give some explanation for the decision to not allow the Bixby button on Galaxy Note 9 to be disabled.

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