Castle Burn Best Tips and Tricks for the Strongest Warriors

Castle Burn is a new game that really delivers a punch on the strategy mobile gaming market. It is a fast-paced game that takes just a few minutes to understand how to play, but takes a long time to master. Here are a few pieces of advice that will make you a better player:

Unit placement can have a serious impact on your results. Figure out which opponents have a splash attack and spread out your units, or group them all together for maximum damage when dealing with a single-target-hitting opponent.

If dealing with a Hammer Warrior, summon a cheap unit between your strong unit and your opponent. This might kill your recently-summoned unit, but it cancels the damage your strongest warriors might have taken instead.

Calling back your troops and retreating can be very handy. If a unit gets back to the castle, it gets 70% back from its mana cost. There’s a catch, though – the cool-down time for this is 20 seconds.

If you’re dealing with a slow opponent, you can confuse him by pushing “retreat” and the “retreat cancel” for a few times.

Because unit weight matters in this game, you can use heavier units to block the paths of skinny ones in case they want to retreat.

Demon Blood, combined with Goblins and a hero who has great skill in hand-to-hand combat is a great choice. Attacking the enemy base with this formation from the beginning of the game can lead to a tactical advantage.

If you activate four Tier-1 cards from the beginning of the game, you can activate the Tier-3 upgrade as soon as one Tier-2 upgrade is finished. This can give you Dragon and Griffin Rider units as soon as 110 seconds after the start of the battle.

Kill without attacking

Another trick is playing defense all throughout the game. If you set Goblin Tanks, Catapults and Rocketeers around your base, when both castles will start to burn late in the game, when a time limit is reached. When that happens, simply repair it with Elixir of Grace and the help of Lana, while the opponent’s castle gets destroyed. This way, you can win the game without attacking even once.

Activating two cards, one called “Tactical Airship” and another, “Assault Rhino”, can surprise your opponent. When enough mana is stored, deliver the airship towards the opponent’s castle. Dropping the Rhinos right next to the castle will bring it to destruction immediately.

If you only activate spell cards in all of your slots, you can just cast spells and see your opponent’s castle start to crumble. Now that’s a magic hand!

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