Clash Royale League Update Set to Launch This Week

Clash Royale League has its first competition this week. More than 40 teams from all over the world are hoping to get their hands on the grand prize of one million dollars. Clash Royale wants to demonstrate that future e-sports could be based on mobile gaming.

Mobile gaming – the future

Consoles and PCs are the workhorses of today’s gaming, but the Vice President of eSports from Madison Square Garden is trying to convince people otherwise. He is convinced that there’s no better time than now to offer mobile gaming the recognition he thinks it deserves.

There’s no wonder smartphone gaming has become a thing. Almost two billion smartphones now exist worldwide and this allows users to not only make phone calls, browse the web or scroll down their favorite social media app, but also play games.

NRG’s eSports president, Brett Lauren, says there’s no game like Clash Royale. And he’s very happy that it’s only available on mobile devices. He also said that this is great, because people can play this game wherever they feel like it.

Chief Pat believes that what makes this game so enjoyable in the first place is its ability to be with you everywhere you go. This makes for very convenient gameplay and ease of access, whether you’re in the mood for some serious competitive gaming or just kill some time.

How Clash Royale became the hit that it is today

This game is one that’s based on another well-known title, which is Clash of Clans. Many gamers switched seamlessly from the old game to this one, thanks to the similarities between the two games.

ESports are bound to have an audience on mobile from now on, especially because about 50% of the videos watched in the USA today happen on smartphones or tablets. Adding Clash Royale to the mobile platform, a game with millions of fans, will sure be a hit among gamers worldwide.

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