How to Block People on WhatsApp

There are many of us who had to deal with annoying people. When they get your number they might send you inappropriate messages or pictures on WhatsApp, fill up your feed with useless information or they might even start calling you non-stop. You can stop this nonsense completely by blocking them. If you want to find out how, then keep on reading.

WhatsApp – popular worldwide

The app was launched in 2009 and it slowly became one of the most popular ways of keeping in touch with friends or family. With over 1 billion users right now, WhatsApp is popular in 180 countries. It became so popular, in fact, that Facebook became interested and spent $20 billion to acquire it.

With so many people using it you are bound to come across some that don’t know anything about boundaries or politeness. If you don’t want to hear from such people again then all you have to do is block them.

How to block annoying numbers

Really, it is not too difficult to figure out how to block a number on WhatsApp. Let’s figure out together how to do it, either on Android or iOS.


Open the app and on the bottom right of the screen you will see ‘Settings’. Go there and select ‘Account’, ‘Privacy’, then ‘Blocked’. Here is a list filled with people you don’t want to hear from again. If you want to add another one to the collection, tap ‘Add New…’ and it will send you to your contact list. From here, select those who annoy you and silence them.


On the top right corner of the Android WhatsApp, you will see three dots. Open that menu, then follow this path ‘Settings>Account>Privacy>Blocked Contacts’. Then, tap the icon on the top right corner and add whomever you want to banish from your contact list.

Nicole Hicks

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