Dragon Age 4 Latest Leaks Reveal a 2020 Release

All BioWare fans have been wondering about one thing for quite some time and that is about the Dragon Age 4 release date. This has been on their mind ever since Dragon Age Inquisition’s DLC Trespasser has been released. The fans of this fantastic medieval game look all across the Internet for clues that show the new Dragon Age 4. We have seen comics and fanfiction but so far, no release date from the BioWare team.

Finally, some good news

IGN Greece comes to the rescue, apparently. According to them, we might not have to wait for too long anymore. However, because the site is in Greek, we may have missed some information in the translating process. A BioWare employee approached the news outlet and shared what they knew. More exactly, this employee spoke about their work and that they have just released a ‘voiceover’ for a title that is soon to be released.

What did they talk about?

The source didn’t leave a clear indication towards the name, although they definitely excluded Anthem. They indicated towards a game which is an old franchise for BioWare and one which is played in a more medieval setting.

Without jumping ahead, we can assume that this BioWare employee didn’t talk about Mass Effect. Another possibility would be Jade Empire but the company specifically nominated Mass Effect and Dragon Age as the primarily targets of their focus.

In the end, this could just be one of those rumors that look to just draw attention and it might not hold any substance at all. There is nothing from the company that indicates a Dragon Age 4 release in 2020. However, we wrote about it because we care about the hopes of the fans since they can’t survive just with comic books.

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