Dutch Homeowner Put Its House On Sale For VeChain (VET) Only

A Dutch homeowner by the name of Dian van Heijningen is trying to sell his house in Rotterdam- Kralingen, the Netherlands, for 31,516,323.03 VeChain (VET). At the moment, the value of these VET tokens amounts to approximately $475,000.

This is the first Dutch homeowner that sells it apartment for VeChain (VET)

Heijningen is the first individual in the Netherlands to sell his house, a 106 square meter apartment, in return for VeChain tokens. While reports of Dutch citizens and persons in other countries selling their houses for Bitcoin (BTC) have been reported, this might be the first time that a homeowner would want VeChain tokens for a property.

Mr. Heijningen pointed out to the local news agency AD.NL that VET tokens may not count for much, at the moment, but he feels that the digital asset’s price could ultimately soar. VeChain (VET) is the proprietary cryptocurrency of the VeChain blockchain platform for smart contract processing, which is designed to improve the efficiency of supply chain management processes.

“The designers behind VeChain have built a platform on which companies and governments can record transactions that cannot be altered. VeChain uses blockchain innovation to build solutions for various industries, from the automotive industry to the spirits markets,” said Dian van Heijningen.

Dian van Heijningen has a great interest in VeChain blockchain solutions and VeChain (VET) cryptocurrency

Heijningen’s Twitter profile shows that this guy is genuinely committed to VeChain blockchain and its cryptocurrency, as he regularly blogs updates about the digital asset.

Following the elaboration of the possible use cases of VeChain platform, the Dutch homeowner stated that car manufacturers could closely monitor their odometer measurements using VeChain’s transparent locking system.

Heijningen said the Chinese government has also heavily invested in VeChain blockchain network. He further noted that China was in the process of developing an “authentication system based on VeChain to verify whether the vaccines are genuine or not,” with the collaboration with other nations.

At the moment of this writing, VeChain (VET) is trading at $0.015, after losing about 2.60% in the last 24 hours. Currently, the digital asset is the 19th by market cap with $834,960,821.

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