iPhone 2018 Models With OLED Screens Would Be Compatible With Apple Pencil, Among Other Improvements

The press release presentation for the iPhone 2018 models is coming soon. It is expected to be around mid-September when we could see the new iPhone models. There’s already speculation about sizes, screen types, and device names, but Apple keeps some of the things as ultimate surprises, as usual. However, the latest information from Trendforce shows that the new iPhone models with OLED screens would also be compatible with the Apple Pencil.

The Apple Pencil an accessory that is only compatible with the iPad Pro, at this moment. Also, the new iPhone 2018 models would come with more RAM and internal storage, as well.

Apple Pencil support for the upcoming OLED-screen iPhone 2018 models

The Apple Pencil is one of the most popular accessories used by iPad Pro users. It allows you to take notes, draw accurately, handle complex applications correctly. However, it’s yet only compatible with iPad Pro.

Fortunately, that could change as Apple may be thinking of giving more benefits to the new OLED-screen iPhone 2018 models that the company will introduce next month.

This way, the buyers of one of these new iPhone devices we will not only have a better display but will also be compatible with the Apple Pencil, which could also increase the company’s sales, precisely as they want.

Upcoming iPhone models with OLED screen to boast 4 GB RAM and 512 GB of internal storage

Additionally, it is thought that OLED models would have 4 GB RAM compared to the 3 GB on the upcoming LCD model. Apple is investing in OLED models, providing better features to help consumers choose their devices over the competition’s ones.

However, the information does not end there. It is also believed that the new iPhone 2018 models with an OLED screen would come with a variant with 512 GB of internal storage, that besides the compatibility with Apple Pencil.

As mentioned above, the new iPhone 2018 models would roll out in September.

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