Mass Effect 5 is still Under Construction at BioWare

In a recent statement, BioWare indicated that they are not letting go of the Mass Effect franchise. This is not due to a shortage of games because this Canadian gaming company keeps a lot of properties in their stable. This is just because Mass Effect was released about 11 years ago and it holds a special place in their minds.

A bit of a history

The first two Mass Effect games were able to cultivate a huge fan base, thanks to a carefully thought-of mixture of RPG and action elements. Then, some were alienated by first ending the Shepherd trilogy controversially and then by the lackluster release of Mass Effect: Andromeda, fitted for the next generation of consoles.

Last year, BioWare canceled the plans for a Mass Effect DLC, leaving the series in standby. However, the Mass Effect franchise definitely isn’t dead.

What makes you say that?

In an official blog post, the Canadian game developer stated that their company is working on something related to Mass Effect. We first anticipated that this is in regards to Anthem, their attempt to shift away from single-player modes to an online multiplayer game.

However, those that still look forward to saving the Universe on their own must not lose hope. The company stated that there are some ‘secret teams’ hidden away which are currently working on a secret mission which might be to everyone’s enjoyment.

We know, this isn’t much of a clue, although it is reassuring to know that Mass Effect isn’t dead and buried. It seems that this is the most we can hear from BioWare, at least until they are properly prepared to announce something of substance. It is incredible that the company still bets big on some of their oldest franchises, Dragon Age and Mass Effect and that’s only possible because of the fans.

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