Microsoft On Android – Word, PowerPoint, And Excel Exceed 500 Million Downloads

Word, PowerPoint, and Excel have surpassed 500 million downloads on Google’s mobile operating system. That confirms, once again, that the presence of Microsoft on Android is growing.

Microsoft released the primary applications of the Office productivity suite on Android in June 2015. The decision marked the end of Microsoft’s ambitions in the mobiles’ universe with its own Windows Mobile OS, following the decline of Nokia and a market share of less than 1% in smartphones.

If the end of Windows Phone/Mobile was a disaster Microsoft, the Office installations data reveals the success of Microsoft’s new strategy, offering a large number of applications and services on the Google and Apple platforms that monopolize the mobile market.

In the past, there has been an internal debate at Microsoft about the convenience of keeping its most relevant software exclusively for its platforms. Today, whether out of conviction or necessity, Microsoft is working thoroughly to improve its appearance on Android.

The presence of Microsoft on Android is growing

A few months ago the Word word processor for Android exceeded 500 million downloads on Android and this week, the Microsoft’s presentation app, Powerpoint, as well as Excel, have made the same breakthrough.

Nadella’s arrival at the head of the Microsoft and the end of Windows Phone/Mobile has changed the strategy. The cancellation of the “devices and services” strategy versus the “reinvention of productivity” has led to the arrival of Microsoft software on all existing platforms regardless of whether they are rivals or not.

The company intends to place Office on any system and device. On Android, it continues to cash in with every Android device sold and continues to launch apps and services for Android and also for iOS.

The presence of Microsoft on Android is growing as more and more users download the Microsoft launcher, Bing, Skype, besides the most-valued and massively downloaded Office suite.

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