Red Dead Redemption 2 Release Date in October 26, 2018

The official launch of Red Dead Redemption 2 is drawing nearer as we speak. Rockstar Games continues to announce more and more items and purchase options. The latest among these is the Collector’s Box which includes an array of exclusive physical items but it doesn’t include an actual copy of the game, sadly.

Pleasing the fans

Of course, this Collector’s Box is meant to please fans who waited fervently for the Red Dead Redemption 2 for almost ten years. If you are curious about its contents, then you should know that the Collector’s Box comes with collectible items which are inspired and designed by the gameplay, story and theme of the Red Dead Redemption sequel.

Because the Wild West involved a lot of coin tosses in making certain decisions, it is only natural that the Collector’s Box would include a Challenge Coin which features the American Buffalo and a scenic landscape on either of its sides.

What else can you find?

If you are looking to play something a bit more relaxing, then you should know that this Box also comes with a double-sided jigsaw puzzle which has 100 pieces that, once completed, shows the image of the Saint-Denis port and, of course, the Rockstar Games logo.

Because they want you to look like a proper outlaw, the video game company also included the Six Shooter Bandana which has been specially designed and included in the Collector’s Box. Last but not least, this fan package also includes a treasure map, which will make you feel that Wild West vibe and it appears to be unrippable and durable as well.

Because Arthur Morgan’s gang loves to play cards, the Collector’s Box will come with a deck of specially designed cards, with designs inspired by the Van der Linde gang members.

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