The Sims 5: Release Date, New Features and New Game Experience

The existence of The Sims 5 has not been confirmed yet by Maxis and Electronic Arts (EA). However, the majority of fans are making their own estimations and assumptions considering 2019 the year when the game will be announced and 2020 the year of its release.

The release date and how they managed to discover it

As you know there is nothing officially announced about The Sims 5 but the company is still developing other games so why would not them release the next Sims? Fans already know it will exist, but they are wondering how much time do they need to wait.

According to early reports, Maxis and EA might announce the game in 2019, and you will be able to purchase it from 2020.

This assumption is based on the company’s pattern of release dates, more specifically when the previous Sims versions were released. In 2000 the Sims series debuted with the first version, in 2004 the Sims 2 came out and then The Sims 3 in 2009 with The Sims 4 being launched in 2014. Based on this, the company releases a new Sims version once in five years which means that 2019 might be the year of The Sims 5.

How should the game be like?

Devoted Sims fan that knows every bit of each Sims game released already has some assumptions regarding The Sims 5. This new feature would be loved by cars and adventure fans because fans are expecting the possibility to explore and open-world environment using a wide range of vehicles.

It is not the first time a Sims game would have such features, but they were later on removed from the Sims 4 due to unknown reasons. Because fans enjoyed that experience, maybe the developers would reintroduce it in The Sims 5.

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