Elder Scrolls Online: Wolfhunter Community Guides Available to Download

The Elder Scrolls Online Stream Team, a community of streamers supported by the company has recently announced the new expansion for the Elder Scrolls Online and Bethesda continues the friendly approach towards the community by featuring almost a dozen community guides on the official ESO website.

The first of two expansions announced at E3, Wolfhunter has become available. It is a lighter expansion, adding two new group dungeons and a variety of new content. Werewolves are the main theme of the expansion, including a revamped werewolf skill system. Greater in scale as it is a region expansion, Murkmire has no release date at the present but it will be available for testing at Bethesda’s Gameplay Days festival.

As Wolfhunter adds new content, some people are looking for guidance in order to find out how to do certain things.  New players may also be pulled in by the temptation of playing werewolves and they may need help, particularly if they are not familiar with MMOs. Bethesda has featured several community guides in a new update on their website. They are split depending on your familiarity with the game, ranging from beginner’s guide to advanced guide, and even builds that help new players in creating a viable first character.  Several Twitch channels are also featured, with Fextralife, Tianlien, Kevduit and several more.

The Elder Scrolls Online is Bethesda’s first foray into massively multiplayer games. While at launch the game was well received, it did not seem to be innovative enough in order to attract a stable player base. As subscription dwindled a solution was found. The mandatory subscription model was dropped, and the game become buy-to-play, while also offering an optional subscription that offers some minor conveniences and a monthly pack of crowns to be used  for in-game cosmetics.

This was a recipe for success as the gam now enjoys a sizeable player base and several expansions added new content.

Bethesda plans to imply more o the community in future marketing in order to keep it friendly and united.

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