Telegram Desktop Update Comes Out With Night Theme and Other Useful Features

Today, Telegram has released new versions of Telegram for Android, iOS, as well as an update for Telegram for Windows. Windows 10-based Telegram Desktop application has added support for night theme and the ability to export individual chat.

Telegram app is increasingly more popular, being widely adopted by the crypto news portals and crypto-related project to keep their subscribers updated. With versions compatible for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac, and Windows, Telegram is gaining more appreciation worldwide, while the app’s devs keep on innovating the app to provide the best features and user experience.

Night theme and custom backgrounds are now available in Telegram for Windows

With the new version of Telegram Desktop, we can experience the new night theme feature, a function that is more and more common among both desktop and mobile apps.

The new version also allows for personalized custom backgrounds to each theme.

Until now we could export our Telegram data, but now, with the new Telegram for Windows update, now we can export a specific chat choosing what we want to include, such as photos, text files, video calls, and many more. That will be saved in Downloads in a new folder under the name Telegram Desktop.

Other new features, as you can see in the changelog, include improvements for Telegram Passport adding new fields and support for version 1.1.

What’s new in Telegram Desktop 1.3.13?

First, the new Telegram Desktop update allows you to export data from individual chats using the menu, besides the new night theme. Also, now you can set custom themes as night and day themes to quickly switch between them.

Besides, Telegram Passport now accepts more types of data, including translated versions of documents, while the support for Telegram Passport 1.1 and updated password hash algorithm were implemented for the better protection of users’ data.

You can download Telegram Desktop, compatible for Windows 10, from here.

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