Viber Update Comes With A Facelift And Some New, Cool Improvements

Viber is one of the most popular messaging apps, totaling more than one billion users worldwide. Now, the latest Viber update comes with a facelift and some cool improvements we’re going to present here.

Viber is an instant messaging app run by Japanese multinational company Rakuten, which is increasingly popular. The app is available for mobile platforms, on both Android and iOS, as well as for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Initially developed by Viber Media, an Israeli company, the app had been purchased by Rakuten in 2014.

Viber instant messaging app allows users to exchange text messages, as well as to send and receive images, videos, and documents. On the other hand, the app also permits users to initiate and receive voice and video calls.

Recently, Viber cross-platform messaging app was happy to announce that it exceeded one billion users from every corner of the world.

Viber update brings a revamped design and new, cool improvements

The latest update brings Viber to modern smartphones with notch compatibility and enhanced design. The new facelift includes larger photo thumbnails, new delivery status icons, bright background, and bigger char bubbles, among other changes.

The bright background and the bigger chat bubbles enhance the user experience and help users see more content at a glance, while the new delivery status icons respond in real-time to the most essential new under-the-hood change the latest Viber update came out with. Accordingly, Viber is now faster than ever, boosting the speed at which the messages are sent and received, enhancing the experience with the app.

On the other hand, another new and cool improvement in this Viber update makes it possible for a sharper GIF and a better photo and video experience for you to share pictures with your friends and family in an enhanced way. Additionally, Viber comes with end-to-end encryption, ensuring the users’ privacy and safety while they chat.

“Providing an exceptional communication experience to the hundreds of millions of people using Viber passionately every day is what drives us for constant innovation. We wanted to give our users a fresh, stunning look, that not only looked good but really runs better from the inside out,” stated Ofir Eyal, the VP of Viber.

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