Battlefield 5 Beta Would Come Out In September With Revamped Vehicles

Battlefield 5 Beta would launch next month. Now, according to the game’s multiplayer producer, David Sirland, who answered to some of the fans’ questions, the upcoming Beta will bring significant changes to the vehicles and anti-vehicles options.

Battlefield 5 Open Beta will commence on September 6th, while the pre-loading would start on the 3rd. Thus, those gamers who pre-ordered the game can play the game beginning with September 4th, and so can those with subscriptions to Origin Access Premier, Origin Access Basic, or EA Access.

That would be the first opportunity for the franchise’s fans to test out the new Battlefield 5 which recently won the Best Multiplayer Award at Gamescom 2018, surpassing its fierce competitor, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

Until now, some of the game’s developers already discussed the new improvements in the Battlefield 5 gameplay and changes in other areas of the game. However, David Sirland, have recently answered to some of the fans’ questions on Twitter and offered some information about the Battlefield 5 vehicles.

Battlefield 5 vehicles presented briefly by David Sirland, game’s multiplayer producer

“The frankly game-changing changes to land vehicles coming in open beta. The massive depth and very interesting from a balance perspective,” wrote Sirland on Twitter.

So, according to David Sirland, we’ll get revamped vehicles in the upcoming Battlefield 5 Beta, additionally to some other features that were not available in the closed alpha versions.

David also discussed the new anti-vehicle in-game options, saying that the new enhancements would change the battlefield actions.

“I think you’ll be happy with where we are going, open beta has a pretty massive improvement for tanks and anti-tank gameplay that will change the battlefield going forward,” said Sirland on Twitter.

Battlefield 5 Beta will come out on September 6th, but, as mentioned above, those who pre-ordered the game, as well as players with subscriptions to Origin Access Premier, Origin Access Basic, or EA Access, would be able to play the came beginning with September 4th.

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