Far Cry 5 Title Update Comes Out With The New GamePlus Mode And “Infamous” Difficulty Level

Ubisoft uses to launch one Title Update every time a new DLC is scheduled to roll out. However, the latest Far Cry 5 Title Update 10 brought a whole pack of new DLCs to the game and two significant changes, the New GamePlus mode and a new difficulty level, called Infamous.

The New GamePlus mode added in Far Cry 5

While the most of the previous updates only contained a few bug fixes and some under-the-hood changes, the latest patch brings some considerable improvements to the game. So, starting with the release of the new Far Cry 5 Title Update 10, the game will support a new mode, the New GamePlus mode, which permits gamers to a new campaign without losing their current character’s progress, including weapons, perks, challenges, and unlocks.

Also, with the New GamePlus mode in Far Cry 5, players can start new campaigns without losing their Far Cry Arcade progress, as well. However, gamers who use this mode will lose “all map reveals, mission progress, resistance points, and guns for hire.”

Far Cry 5 Title Update 10 add the new Infamous difficulty level

On the other hand, the new Title Update brings the addition of a new difficulty level called Infamous. This new one is only available when a player starts a new campaign using the before-mentioned New GamePlus mode.

TheĀ Infamous difficulty level makes the game harder than ever. According to the official description, in this mode “enemies hit you extra hard, are tougher to kill, and detect you more quickly.” Even though it sounds too much, completing the game in this difficulty level will unlock a special reward, but there are no details on what that would be.

However, the new Infamous difficulty level in Far Cry 5 Title Update 10 is very hard, and “once you start the game in Infamous difficulty, you will not be able to reduce the difficulty without restarting New GamePlus.

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