PUBG PS4 Release Suggested In A New Development Video From Xbox

PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) is among the most popular and appreciated games of the moment, competing with Fortnite Battle Royale directly. With more improved graphics and physics than its rival, PUBG is a great game. However, this one can now only be played on Xbox One, PC, and mobile platforms (Android and iOS), a PUBG PS4 version missing, for the moment. But the PlayStation 4 fans could enjoy PUBG soon, as suggested in a new development video.

Xbox recently released a 10-minute-long dev video presenting the road to PUBG 1.0. At a certain point in the video, we can see a developer watching a screen showing some PUBG in-game assets next to a PlayStation 4 video games console and a DualShock 4.

While this might not be substantial evidence from the launch of a PUBG PS4 version, it might indicate that such a variant could be under development, as we speak.

PUBG PS4 possible release date

Given the fact that the PUBG Xbox One version rolled out in late-2017, and after seeing the recently released development video from Xbox, PUBG PS4 edition might indeed be under production, which could mean the game for the Sony console could launch by the end of the year.

However, there is nothing official from Sony or the game’s devs regarding the release date of the long-awaited game by the PlayStation 4 community, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

Nonetheless, the release of the PUBG PS4 version would mean a lot for the PlayStation 4 gamers, as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a quite popular title with many positive reviews from both players and specialized reviewers of the gaming industry. Currently available on mobile platforms, on both Android and iOS, as well as on Xbox One and Microsoft Windows, PUBG only needs to reach on PS4 to close the circle of its presence on the world’s major platforms.

As suggested by the recently released Xbox development video, PUBG PS4 might be under development and could soon launch for PlayStation 4.

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