Facebook Watch Is Now Available Worldwide On Virtually Every Platform Known

Facebook Watch, which until now was only available in the United States, has extended to the entire world. This service offered by Facebook collects video content produced by the social network and people associated with it and facilitates the discovery of new content creators. This service is a tab within Facebook that collects videos of various kinds produced exclusively by the social network itself or by content creators associated with it. It offers content including sports, entertainment, and news videos, either recorded or broadcast live.

The new version of Facebook Watch intends to connect users and creators so that they can benefit from each other, and “to discover content creators who are hitherto unknown to the user.” In turn, through the Ad Breaks ad monetization program, producers achieve higher profitability and benefits.

The Facebook Watch tab can be customized based on the user’s favorite videos by following different creators or pages. In turn, all saved videos are collected on the personal profile on Watch, making it easy to view the respective content again.

Facebook Watch is now available worldwide on all platforms

The Facebook Watch tab can be accessed through both the Android and iOS Facebook apps by clicking on the Watch icon in the Facebook shortcut bar. You can also access the panel via the ‘More’ marker. It is also available on devices such as Smart TVs from different companies and Xbox.

Facebook, in turn, is working on a new type of interactive video on its Facebook Watch to offer “new experiences that focus on people and give them the ability to determine the direction of content.”

The Facebook Watch tab had already been launched in the United States in early September last year and, according to Facebook, 50 million people across the States watch its content every month for at least one minute.

Facebook Watch can be accessed from Windows and Mac computers, iOS, Android, Aplle TV, Samsung Smart TV, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Xbox One, and Oculus TV.

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