Upcoming South Korean Reality Show on Blockchain Technology Aims To Find A New Satoshi Nakamoto

A South Korean television, Asia Economy TV, will broadcast a reality show that will seek to create the best blockchain network in the world and find a new Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin (BTC). The program will feature several mentors and crypto-related personalities, including the crypto investor Roger Ver.

Starting on October 19th, a program called “Block Battle: Who is next Satoshi?” would start with the participants’ mission to “build and prosper the global blockchain industry, to create the best blockchain in the world.”

The show will consist of six episodes which will evaluate different areas of the projects, such as product marketing, as well as educational sessions with mentors. After passing all these tests, the winner will be chosen.

The first episode of the reality show will be broadcast in Korea, China, Australia, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Vietnam, and Hong Kong. Viewers can vote live for their favorite project. The winners will receive 100 million Won, equivalent to almost $100,000, and marketing advice for their projects.

The new South Korean reality show, “Block Battle: Who is next Satoshi?”, aims to find a new Satoshi Nakamoto

Only those who have not launched the primary network of their blockchain can register, and the registration process will be carried out until September 5th on the programme’s website.

According to a news portal, the jury will be composed of Lee Shin-Hye of GBIC, Rayol Hwang of Hillstone Partners and Damian Williams of Alchemist Ventures, as well as academics from Korea University, Dongguk University, the Korean Blockchain Industry Association, the Open Blockchain Association and the Korean Blockchain Association.

One of the jurors of this reality show will be Roger Ver, who has generated controversy in the crypto-universe by allegedly spreading misleading information about Bitcoin (BTC) with the purpose to mislead its followers to buy Bitcoin Cash (BCH) instead of BTC.

The South Korean reality show, “Block Battle: Who is next Satoshi?,” plans on finding a new Satoshi Nakamoto (mysterious personage that invented the Bitcoin blockchain) to revolutionize the current blockchain technology universe. An ambitious project which promises a lot of exciting episodes.

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