FIFA 19 To Come With New Features And Many Improvements Under The Hood

FIFA 19 will not be very different from its predecessor, FIFA 18, regarding the graphics. However, the new features and under the hood improvements would make FIFA 19 a better game than ever. And we’re talking about many changes, from new fans cinematics to new stadiums and more licensed leagues and teams.

The list of all the new features would be too big, so we’re only going to present you the most significant changes FIFA 19 would offer.

New features in FIFA 19 would make the game more realistic and enjoyable

FIFA 19 would boast more realistic graphics than ever with new cinematics for the fans which can now take selfies, jump, celebrate a goal, suffer when their favorite team loses, and so on. Besides, the fans can now wave banners, but the new feature, however, is only limited to Kick Off and Ultimate Team modes.

Additionally, new cinematics has been added in Career mode, including seeing players get off the bus when they arrive at the stadium, drawing teams for Champions League, and new transfer cinematics which shows the first presentations of the new players you bought.

Also, EA Sports decided to revamp goalies animations and a brand new training mode.

FIFA 19 would come out in September with more licensed teams and leagues

While a little less than one month apart us from the official launch of FIFA 19, more and more news regarding the upcoming EA Sports games emerge. Besides the new features presented above in this article, EA announced an updated The Journey: Champions mode and newly licensed leagued and teams, including the Serie A which is excellent news since Cristiano Ronaldo moved from Real Madrid to Juventus.

With all its new features and cool changes under the hood, FIFA 19 will roll out on September 28th and would be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Microsoft Windows.

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