GTA 6 Release Date: Is GTA 6 Getting Closer To Official Announcement? We Don’t Think So…

Millions of fans around the world are waiting for the official announcement of the next title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. However, any official info on GTA 6 is late from emerging. Many rumors appeared online debating when GTA 6 release date will take place and where the action would happen. But, we don’t think Grand Theft Auto VI is getting closer to its official announcement.

GTA 6 rumors – What we know so far…

Even though many bloggers and YouTubers released dozens of rumors on GTA 6, only one of these guys claimed his information is based on insider information. The YouTube channel “The Know” released earlier this year, in March 2018, a video that said that the upcoming title in the Grand Theft Auto franchise would come out somewhen between 2020-2022 and would take place in Vice City.

According to “The Know,” Rockstar dubbed it as “Project Americas” and is working on the game, as we speak. They also claimed that their source talked about the possibility of the gamers to travel from Vice City to a yet undisclosed country in South America to accomplish some missions there.

Also, Grand Theft Auto VI will reportedly allow gamers to impersonate a female main character for the first time in the franchise.

GTA 6 release date – Rockstar will not announce GTA 6 anytime soon

Maybe indeed Rockstar is currently working on the new title of the Grand Theft Auto franchise, but they are also enjoying the great success that GTA 5 and GTA Online still have, so they have no reason to hurry up with the release of GTA 6.

Accordingly, although they are developing the basics of the future game right now, and assuming that some of the before-mentioned rumors are correct, Rockstar might change a lot until the final version launches.

And, by the way, there is nothing official on the GTA 6 release date, so we should take every rumor in that regard with a grain of salt. From what we know so far, Rockstar might announce the new title in 2019-2020, while the final version of Grand Theft Auto VI might hit shelves between 2020 and 2022.

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