Spider-Man PS4 Devs, Accused Of Downgrading The Graphics, Say That’s Not The Case At All

Video games development is a rigorous process with many things changing from the first trailers to the game’s release and even beyond that with new patches and DLC packs. However, according to a Reddit user, Spider-Man PS4 changed a lot from the E3 trailer to the final version, scheduled to launch during the next week. But, Insomniac Games responded to the accusations of downgrading the graphics saying that’s not the case here.

Well, the difference between what we can see in Spider-Man trailer released during the E3 and the final version is enormous. The first pic below shows a screenshot from the E3 trailer, and we can see some very sharp graphics with lots of details. In the second image, snapshotted from the final version, revealed a downgrade in the graphics, indeed.

Accused of lowering the number of those puddles on the ground, Insomniac Games, Spider-Man PS4 devs, stated on Twitter that it’s not about a downgrade.

If that’s no graphics downgrade in Spider-Man PS4, then what it is?

“It’s just a change in the puddle size, there’s no downgrade at all,” stated Insomniac Games on their Twitter page.

But some gamers said that the devs removed some of the puddles, along with many more other details, to enhance the game’s performance. On this one, the community manager James Stevenson stated that “the puddles being moved had nothing to do with performance.” He also gave an explanation.

“Pretty sure it was a design/art/usability reason thing. Definitely wasn’t performance, as we have spots with tons of puddles in the game with no performance issue,” explained Stevenson. “Bright sunlight causes concrete to blow out and look bright. Plus our post effects (DOF and motion blur tech in particular) are way better in 2018, which causes stuff to be blurrier when pulled like that, but that’s because it’s supposed to look good in motion,” James Stevenson added.

The new Spider-Man PS4 will go live on September 7th, 2018, while Insomniac Games already announced the release of the first DLC for the game, on October 23rd.

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