Is RevDL a Safe Site to Download APKs From?

Android is appreciated for providing users with a good amount of control as they can do much more to their device than Apple in terms of installing apps. The reason is that users can sideload the APK file.

What do you get yourself into when downloading an APK file?

When using and downloading APK files, users would still need to take some risks into account. When downloading an APK it is unknown what it was compressed or bundled with nd they might come with harmful codes and files as they are not authorized by Google Play.

The main precaution which can be taken when downloading APK files is to choose a trusted source. By Affiliate Fix’s review, RevDL is the best website to download modded games and APK.

Is RevDL safe?

RevDL is a safe source to download APK files and we will provide some evidence that verifies this.

Affiliate Fix uses adware and spyware while providing the visitor with direct download links which make it a good site. The Interface is good looking and it provides the visitor with a regularly updated and long list of applications available. On a daily basis, you can also get updated mod/premium/crack apps.

RevDL’s reputation was also reviewed by ScamAnalyze and it received a 66% rating aka good.

Its status is positive and it also has 100% confidence value. The website is worth exploring as it has the ability to fulfill its promise with its useful content.

Some other requirements the website passed include:

HTTP Secure – RevDL ensures secure and safe browsing using an SSL certificate

Safe browsing – the website’s current status is safe and it was never listed as suspicious

Social popularity – RevDL has a total of 12,386 social actions on Facebook so the website has an overall medium popularity

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