Apple Will Demand All App Store Apps To Link To Privacy Policies

Apple notified App Store apps developers to place links to their privacy policies, as shown by 9to5Mac. Until now Apple required that only for those subscription-based apps, but with this new decision, Apple extended this guideline to all App Store apps.

However, it’s not explicitly stated if the already-launched apps’ devs have to add links to privacy policy, but they should do it as soon as they release new updates. On the other hand, according to 9to5Mac, the developers must tell users how and what data the apps gather, as well as how the data is going to be used. The devs also have to detail how users unsubscribe and/or delete their private data.

The new guidelines will come in place on October 3rd, and Apple stated that the already-existing apps on the App Store that don’t show a privacy policy link are not obliged to add one until they roll out an update after October 3rd. Otherwise, apps that won’t comply with the new rules would be removed.

Apple adopts new privacy policy guidelines for App Store apps due to the recent issues regarding private data leaks

With all that Cambridge Analytica and Facebook scandal that emerged in March and the adoption of the GDPR across the European Union, protecting users’ private data has become crucial for developers and tech companies.

In order to avoid any possible issues, Apple adopted this new regulation regarding privacy and is now forcing App Store apps to add links to their devs privacy policies that explain to users what data the apps collect and how the information is used. However, Apple is not demanding this from already-existing apps if they don’t add new updates.

As mentioned, the new guidelines regarding privacy policies for the new App Store apps will come into effect on October 3rd.

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