Clash Royale League: Live Competition Is a Better Competition?

We’ve all heard about the previous Clash Royale competitions, but what do we know about the fall season of the Clash Royale League? We know that it’s much more professional and that even the broadcast is different.

There won’t be any individual players who suddenly came into the tops, but there will be teams. The thing is that Supercell even changed how the teams are choosing players.

This has become a tradition in esports – an organization makes their exploration and they look for the best player. There’s nothing changed in the case of the Clash Royale League, maybe except of a process that’s more clear.

An official event happened

March 2018 was the beginning of the Clash Royale League Challenge and it has one pretty defined goal: to find the best players in the world. Few hundreds were invited to a Combine, where an official event happened, just like in the NFL.  Here is where they got the best chance to see players in action. There were six days in which 25 million people entered the challenge. The goal was to get 20 wins before getting three loses. If you did this, you could advance. The catch was that, as you advanced, you had to deal with better players. There were 113 countries, and only 7000 players got to the next stage.

The whole idea of this event was for players to interact with the representatives from the esports teams to show them their unique skills. They wanted to give the teams the opportunity to choose their players from a live competition scene, not just the online one. Can you imagine the pressure from the live competition? It may be harsh, but it’s a good way to make sure they’ll get into the organization.

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