Cory Barlog, Creator of God Of War, Discussed a Concept of a New Superman Game

Another excellent news comes from PAX West 2018 in Seattle where a statement by Cory Barlog, creator of God of War, hints at a Superman game. Barlog also talked about how the game would be like.

Barlog gave a series of ideas about a project on a new Superman game, meaning that the game is still in its theoretical phase and nothing should be taken as granted. He suggested that the new Superman game would feature a young Clark Kent who, while in school, he is getting aware of his superhero side

“I really love the Smallville TV show, and I really love the idea of playing with this concept of character [….] you have to go to school, but you’re also discovering that you’re the best American hero with your powers and it’s a kind of uncomfortable age that you have to balance,” said Cory Barlog, the creator of God of War.

Cory Barlog, the creator of God of War, hinted to a psychological Superman game

His next set of ideas involves branching out paths, where it would be impossible for Superman to save everyone, no matter what the player would do. Superman could even hear the characters’ pleas for help everywhere, and he’d tear between trying to save everyone, but it would still fall short.

“I think the best thing you can do with a Superman game is to explore the psychology of what it would be like to be a person who is slowly beginning to realize that he can’t save everyone. As the game progresses, as the player does this kind of good deed […] everyone starts asking for help and this is where it all really begins,” Barlog added.

Also, according to Cory Barlog, the creator of God of War, the gamers would realize, as Superman, “that the method of brute force punching, the idea of just flying and constantly trying to save people individually, is not working.” So, the players “have to discover a different way because the ultimate goal, psychologically, is to maintain some kind of sanity, is to try to save everyone, which is a great idealistic concept,” Cory Barlog concluded.

We know that’s just a concept but it would be great to see this Superman game live, especially if it comes from the same team that created God of War.

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