Google Play Store Face the “Device not compatible” Error Message Problem

A number of users have reportedly announced that they are getting a “Device not compatible” error message in the Google Play Store whenever they want to upgrade GetUpside or install it. The fact that their device should be compatible with the GetUpside does not solve the problem as the message still shows.

The problem is more complicated than expected

After a series of investigations, we have come up to the conclusion that GetUpside is not the only faulty app and that the error message  “Device not compatible” shows up even when we try to download Clash of Clans (100M+ installs) and Instagram (1B+ installs). The cause of this “Device not compatible” error message in the Google Play Store might be that Google’s Android operating system deals with some problems itself.

Here is a step by step guide on how to fix the  “your device is not compatible with this version” error message problem:

Before going to the Google Play Store, start with clearing the Google Play Store cache

  • After that, you can clean the data as well
  • Now you must restart the Google Play Store
  • It is time to try installing the app you want

To clear your Google Play Store cache and data, you need to pull down the notification bar on your Android device, click on the gear-shaped settings icon or go search for it in the application tray. After getting into settings, you need to scroll to App Manager or Apps and then find the Google Play Store. After that, you only need to tap Clear Cache or Data.

If any corrupt files are causing the problem, they will be erased in this method, and it might work now. Supercell, Clash of Clans’ maker and Instagram have heard from their users that this method should solve the issue.

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