The Most Promising IoT Trends For This Year

IoT (Internet of Things) represents a trend that continues to become more and more popular. Numerous industries have benefited from IoT, and they owe their success to it. That is the reason while it is important to pay attention to this technology and see whether new opportunities emerge. We made some predictions regarding the future Internet of Things trends in order to make things easier for you.

Marketing campaigns that target the user specifically

It is no secret that marketers have access to lot of our data. In the future it is very likely that we will see personalized marketing campaigns. The approaches used will be different from what we see now, and each user will represent a target for the business owners. The marketing campaign will be personalized for each customer, in order to create a personal relationship to the product. The ads will be influenced by the behaviour of the user, as well as his or her traits.

Obviously, this has and will continue to raise concerns about the invasion of our privacy. It should be up to customers to decide how much information a company should have. However, if implemented correctly, we might see personal advertisements in the close future.

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data

In the future, the use of IoT will increase and there will be more smart devices. This also means that there will be more data that needs to be processed. Big Data will be needed and there should be tools that can handle it.

Artificial Intelligence appears to be the perfect solution. With the help of AI we could receive accurate results, and the data offered by computers should be a lot more precise than the one calculated by humans.

Mobile phones will have an increased importance

Our smartphone is arguably the most important device we own, and users take them everywhere with them. Therefore, it is very likely that the role of smartphones in IoT will be more important in the future. This will make things more convenient for all of us, and it will be a lot easier to manage smart homes.

This could also mean that mobile phones will represent a target for cyber attackers in the future. Therefore, the security of these devices should be improved; otherwise the entire system could be compromised.

Security problems

While IoT technology does come with many advantages, it also makes users more vulnerable. Cyber-attacks happen frequently, and technology has its flaws. Therefore, before the Internet of Things technology is implemented, it is very important that its vulnerabilities are analyzed in order to protect all users.

Security concerns are very important, and we must always consider the risks that come with a heavy use of the IoT technology. In the future, cyber-attacks could target our entire house, and that is something we should protect ourselves against. Our lives could also be in danger, as insulin pumps or implanted pacemakers are vulnerable as well.

More interconnected devices

The number of devices connected together might grow this year. This will allow Internet of Things processes to evolve and they will become more accurate as well. You should also keep in mind that phones and computers aren’t the only smart devices we use. There are numerous new products, such as smart doors or smart clocks, and they can all be connected together.

By increasing the number of devices, personal use will become a possibility when it comes to IoT. “Smart cities” lead by this technology represents a possibility in the future, and there are already countries that have taken this into consideration.

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