Dragon Quest XI – Here’s How To Open Red Doors And Metal Doors In Dragon Quest XI

While playing Dragon Quest XI and journeying around Eredea, you’ll bump into some intriguing doors that you won’t be able to open. Some are big, red doors with a golden triangle-like crest on them, while others are presenting some metallic bars resembling prison cells doors. Well, the only way to unlock these doors is to put your hands on some keys which will be available at different points across the adventure in Dragon Quest XI. Luckily, here’s how to open red doors and metal doors.

Unlocking red doors in Dragon Quest XI

As you progress in the game’s story and solve the situation in the town of Phnom Nonh, you’ll get a Magic Key. With that one, you’ll be able to get access to Sniflheim for the first time, but you’ll also gain have access through all the red doors in Dragon Quest XI.

So, before continuing your journey, it would be smart to revisit each city you went through until this point of your adventure to open some red doors and grab a lot of goodies. Ideally, start with Gallipolis City, Puerto Valor, and Lonalulu.

How to open metal doors in Dragon Quest XI

Unlocking metal doors is much more challenging, but not impossible. I guess every time you bump into one of these hard-to-open prison-like doors you’re wondering if you missed an important key on the path, but that’s not the case here.

Only the Ultimate Key can unlock metal doors in Dragon Quest XI, and you’ll be able to obtain this key late in the game, in a treasure chest you’ll see after an essential discussion at Haven’s Above. However, once you have the Ultimate Key, don’t forget to return to the places where you saw metal doors to open them and get lots of precious goodies.

It would be ideal to start with Gondolia, Puerto Valor, and Phnom Nonh.

In other news, Dragon Quest XI, which is now available for PS4, will soon come to Nintendo Switch, too, but an exact release date is unknown.

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