The Best Programming Languages for Mobile App Development

Mobile applications have created an industry that has evolved more and more in the past years. Many developers have shifted towards this field, which is truly a rewarding one. However, the task is more challenging as well. Innovation defines this industry and mobile apps are expected to be as productive as possible.

If you are interested in mobile app development, you should know that an essential first step is choosing the right programming language. There are various factors that you need to take into account before you choose one. We are going to discuss about the pros and cons of some of these languages.


This is the main programming language for iOS. Apple itself chose it to build apps. It comes with some features that are able to handle the graphics, display functions. We should also add that Objective-C is integrated into all MacOS and iOS frameworks.


If you are going to develop a mobile app for Windows and Android, C++ can handle the job. However, keep in mind that this language is fit for low-level programming. Back in the day C++ used to be one of the dominating programming languages, and it can help you create an app, no matter what its purpose is.


This programming language is newer, and it is perfect for iOS applications. It was used for the latest APIs from Apple, Cocoa Touch and Cocoa. This language was originally written to work Objective-C, but it shortly became the ideal choice for iOS developers. All the flaws that existed with Objective-C are removed, and Swift developers have become more and more popular.


If you are looking for a programming language that merges well with iOS apps, Swift is a great option. In fact, Swift was used by Apple to write the code for two APIs, Cocoa Touch and Cocoa. iOS developers are encouraged to take a look at Swift, as this language comes to fix all the vulnerabilities that were possible with Objective-C.

It is also a known fact that Swift developers are wanted by many businesses, so learning this programming language might offer you various job opportunities.


Java remains one of the most popular options for developers who are working on an Android app. This language was developed at Sun Microsystems, which now belongs to Oracle. There are two ways in which Java can run, either in the window of a browser, or in a machine that does not need a browser.

The only drawback for Java is that it does not represent a good choice if you are looking for iOS development. Otherwise, there are plenty of reasons why you should choose this one.


This programming language is one of the most well-known. If you want to build a Web-fronted app, HTML5 is ideal. However, you should remember that it remains a proposed standard. The good thing is that numerous browsers support it.

This programming language comes with plenty of benefits. HTML5 makes it fairly easy to insert different data types, the input parameters are rationalized and it also manages to account for various screen sizes. It is also easier to learn this language as it builds on HTML, and it would be a lot more difficult to learn a brand new language.


This programming language is just what you need, if your goal is Windows development. Developers who want to build Windows Phone apps should take a look at C. While it does not represent a good alternative for other platform, it is the perfect match for Windows.

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