Zedge: How Safe Is the Most Popular App for Ringtones and Wallpapers?

If you’re here, you’re probably asking yourself if Zedge is safe and legal. According to some reports, Zedge is the best app for free wallpapers and ringtones from the web. And there were no malware cases known for this site.

If you Google it, you’ll see that many people ask if it’s safe. Let’s take a look into this matter.

The thing is that the website is safe. You might have some problems if you download the app from strange, unknown sites. The Zedge app is only safe if you get it from the Google Play or from the iStore. Google Play always checks its apps for viruses, but there are some that can get infected. To avoid that, you need to make sure you get the app from Zedge themselves. There are many clones on Google Play, so make sure you choose the original app.

You should only give the necessary permissions

You should never give to any app the admin permission. If you do, it will be harder for you to uninstall it and it may even harm your phone.

Many people give permission without actually checking what access they’re granting. You need always to check this thing. This is the first opportunity to see whether the app is safe or not. Why would any app, actually, need to access your text messages? Think about it.

Who uploads on the app?

The Zedge app allows the users to upload content. You’re probably asking yourself what’s happening if the content comes infected from a user. You don’t have to worry about that. Zedge comes with some security systems that check every upload on the app. Each wallpaper or ringtone is free of any kind of malware.

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