Google Chrome 69 Rolled Out With Visuals, Performance, and Security Enhancements

Just a few days ago, Google celebrated the 10th anniversary of its most popular product, the Google Chrome Internet browser. Well, as a celebration, to some extent, the company has just rolled out the new Chrome 69 version which comes with many visual, performance, and security enhancements.

Google Chrome is by far the most appreciated and popular product the giant Internet company has in its portfolio. The new Chrome 69, which is available on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, and iOS, as usual, comes with the new look Google has been talking about for some time now.

In fact, the testers of the preliminary versions had already been able to see firsthand some of the new features related to the Chrome 69 GUI, including a smoother appearance, in general, as well as renewed icons, or a new color palette.

The new Chrome 69 update comes with better visuals and improved performance and security

Chrome 69 comes out with enhanced visuals, allowing us to visualize the contents of the different tabs better while switching from one tab to another is now a smoother task.

At the same time, several under the hood improvements have been introduced, especially regarding the internal passwords manager and the personal data autofill in the forms. Also, the new Omnibox feature has also been added to offer you answers to your queries right in your browser’s taskbar or address bar, or prevent unnecessary duplicate tabs from opening.

With these new improvements, also including the blocking of the HTTP protocol in favor of the use of HTTPS, the built-in ad blocker, or the Site Isolation functionality, it is clear that Google does not stop working on improving his most popular software, so widespread around the world.

The new Chrome 69 update has not only focused on security and under the hood features but also enhanced the Google’s Internet browser’s appearance which is now a more modern and pleasant one.

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