Sony Will Shut Down PlayStation 2 Support In Japan Starting With September 7th

Sony has announced that the PlayStation 2 support service will be cut off in the next few days, although anyone who has contacted the online repair service or Customer Care may have a final repair if they send the device to a PlayStation service, but only before September 7th.

Sony PlayStation 2 remains the best-selling video games console in history

PlayStation 2 (PS2 for short) was released in Japan on March 4th, 2000, and arrived in the United States in October and a month later it emerged in the European market.

Even though it’s old and no one is still developing games for it, PlayStation 2 remains the best-selling video games console in history, with more than 155 million units billed followed up closely by Nintendo DS with 150 million units.

The latest replacement parts, for both the console body and PlayStation 2 related accessories, arrived at Sony’s service desk in Japan on August 31st and once used, no further repairs will be possible, as the local tech news portals reported.

Sony shuts down PlayStation2 support after September 7th

Sony made an announcement on its official website in Japan on June 22nd informing users of the date of the last receipt of parts and the end of PlayStation 2 support service to motivate people to make a final repair to their consoles.

In order to get a final fix, it was necessary to contact the online repair service or PlayStation Customer Service by August 31st.

That is now followed by the recent announcement regarding a deadline set for September 7th. Any person who scheduled a PlayStation 2 repair service has to bring the devices to a Sony PlayStation service station until the before-mentioned date.

After September 7th when the deadline is reached, Sony would permanently shut down the PlayStation 2 support and repair services forever, also closing one of the most successful stories in the video games consoles history.

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