Apple Watch Capable of Streaming Apple Music and Radio by LTE

The Apple Watch is a marvelous device, capable to do a multitude of tasks. There are two missing features that would make it perfect, in my opinion: the ability to use it in order to remotely take pictures and videos with my iPhone, and a better podcast playing integration.

Apple Watch is capable of streaming Apple Music and Radio by using LTE, and it can be paired with Bluetooth speakers and headsets for a high-quality listening experience. These functions come in handy when I want to go jogging or on a quick trip without bringing my iPhone. On a longer trip, a glaring fault comes out, namely the fact that you cannot pair the watch with the car stereo.

Bluetooth audio systems for cars have been incompatible with the Apple Watch since the very first iteration. While it may work on some select systems, most of them will not appear on the pairing screen. You can pair them with your iPhone, iPad and even some versions of the retired iPod series, such as the iPod Nano.

Since the watch sports modest innards, demanding features such as CarPlay are not expected, but basic Bluetooth connectivity should work on all Bluetooth audio devices. Especially if we take into account that most of the Android smartwatches are universally compatible with other Bluetooth devices

Local radio is boring, so I improvised a solution. Using iTunes, I synched some music with my old iPod Nano, which stays in the car and it has me covered. An old iPhone can also be used, but it would be more convenient if the watch could have supported these functions.

While I use a professional camera for taking pictures, and my iPhone for selfies, the ability to take photos is also available on low-end android watches and although the resolution is poor, it may come in handy from time to time.

It remains to be seen if the next Apple Watch generation will solve these problems.

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