Google Launched Google Datasets Search Engine Dedicated to Journalists and Researchers

Google has set up Google Datasets, a specific platform that works as a search engine for journalists and researchers. It is an extensive database where these professionals can find reliable information on their work topics, regardless of their field. The basic idea behind the project is simple, being developed to offer a platform with an intuitive design, quite similar to the standard Google search engine, to find relevant information from reliable sources.

Google Datasets launched as the only search engine for journalists and researchers

The new platform, called Google Datasets, aims to encourage both journalists and researchers from around the world to search for information related to official or reliable statistics and databases for their news articles and new studies, respectively.

From a single search bar, those interested ones can, therefore, access the crime rates of a given country, climate records in a region, or official information on projects and initiatives of a given government, as well as scientific reports from trustworthy sources, such as NASA or ESA.

In order to achieve its goals, the new Google search engine tracks all kinds of information that is publicly available on the Internet, and that comes from databases owned by governments, the scientific community, universities, and so on.

The new Google search engine is currently in its Beta phase, but soon this might change, Google promises

In short, Google Datasets search engine gathers any official or academic source where journalists and researchers can find reliable information on different topics.

However, the databases with which Google Dataset works must have the information organized in a certain way (with bookmarks) for full compatibility.

This new Google search engine, Google Datasets, designed for journalists and researchers is still in beta phase. At the moment it works with only a few languages, but Google is committed to adding more shortly.

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