In-display Touch ID Won’t Come On iPhone and iPad Anytime Soon, Android Keeping The Advantage Over iOS

From now and then, rumors about a possible implementation of in-display Touch ID on iPhone and iPad emerge on the Internet. However, since iPhone X came out with Face ID, most hopes regarding a fingerprint sensor beneath the display in Apple devices died off. But it seems that Apple is thinking about that, only that it won’t come anytime soon, in the meantime Android keeping the advantage over the iOS.

And this information comes from a trustworthy source of Apple rumors, the KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo who recently stated that the in-display fingerprint sensor wouldn’t come on Apple devices anytime shortly. However, he did hint that this technology, which is increasingly common on Android, would eventually come on iPhone and iPad.

As for the “fingerprint sensor on display” feature on Android, Ming-Chi Kuo thinks the technology will skyrocket by 500% in 2019 as more and more manufacturers will implement it on the handsets they’ll release next year.

iPhone and iPad won’t get an in-display Touch ID anytime soon, Android keeping the advantage over iOS in this regard

While it’s absolutely clear that the iPhone XS device, planned to be presented today, September 6th, won’t feature a “fingerprint sensor on display,” Ming-Chi Kuo also said that the technology wouldn’t come for iPhone and iPad 2019 models, neither.

According to the analyst, the challenge of implementing such a fingerprint reader in OLED displays is the biggest obstacle for this technology to be adopted much broadly. Ming-Chi Kuo also stated that while Face ID technology is indeed useful, an in-display Touch ID on iPhone and iPad would be better in some situations and would provide a more straightforward and faster unlock of the Apple devices.

On the other hand, Face ID is not always working, so Apple might think to add a fingerprint sensor on display to give users more options. But, unfortunately, as Ming-Chi Kuo said, in-display Touch ID won’t come to iPhone and iPad anytime soon, so Android will keep its advantage for iOS in this regard, for the time being.

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