Top 6 Best Photo Slideshow Programs That Can Meet Your Needs

If you’re here, you’re probably asking yourself which slideshow program is the best for you and your projects. You should review all of your options before actually starting to work. Some software has lots of tools, some lack some important tools, that’s why it’s important to get to know them for a bit.

We’ve written this article to give you the best six slideshow programs on the market.

Photostory Deluxe

This comes with all the basic features that are necessary for your project. It has over 300 transition effects and even more than that worth of background and filters.

With this one, you’ll also have full access to an in-store app that allows you to buy additional graphics and music. You don’t have a limit when it comes to adding photos and you can use the advanced editing tools for your pictures. It also lets you export your slideshows in HD for tablets, TVs or smartphones. Or you can burn them to DVD, CD or Blu-ray. The program also allows you to put them directly on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter.

Pros – you can play tracks at all times, and, the advanced photo editing tools are not something to miss

Cons – you cannot have the software on Mac, and it’s really expensive. For phone support, you’ll have to pay some more.

Photostory Easy

This software is the easy brother of the one above. Its interface is simple and is easy to learn. And because it is that easy to learn, it means it’s not that expensive.

It has 27 backgrounds and 72 transition effects, so we cannot really talk about variety, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not enough for you to work something out. It’s true; it doesn’t boast as all the other software, however, you can adjust the saturation, the brightness, hue and the contrast. You can record the idea and fade music in and out.

With this one, you can as well post your projects directly to Facebook or YouTube, even Flickr, but Twitter sits this one out.

Pros – it can burn DVD and Blu-rays and it’s compatible with most of the file types

Cons – if you need comprehensive technical support, you have to pay some extra cash.

Movavi Slideshow Maker

This one is the most modern one on the market. It has all the great equipment you need to edit your photos. It also has voice recording tools and basic video editing tools.

It has 105 transitions effect and they’re classy and 165 photo filters. This software also comes with e-mail support, an FAQ page and even some tutorial videos. However, it’s not any good if you want to burn DVD, CD or Blu-ray. But it allows you to post directly to YouTube and save them on tablets and smartphones.

Pros – you can have it on your Mac and you can see the quality in the slideshows.

Cons – You cannot directly post to Twitter or Facebook.

ProShow Gold

It may be an older software. However, it’s quite nice, since the interface is so easy to use.

You don’t have any backgrounds with this one, no themes or filters, but you have 30 transition effects that are perfect for you. You can crop or rotate your photos, and adjust the brightness, hue or contrast. You have the most common video and audio formats.

Pros – the image quality of the slideshow is amazing

Cons – you cannot have it for Mac.

PhotoStage Slideshow Software

Photostage is so simple; you won’t have any problems. The slideshows are customizable. You have imagines, videos, transitions, and music. It has a built-in photo editor and its output options are diverse.

Pros: it’s really fast and the features are good.

Cons – its design is outdated and you have a free version for only a month.

Icecream Slideshow Maker

With this one, you’ll get to enjoy a modern experience. You can add multiple or single pieces of media from PC folders. The tools are user-friendly and the program is totally free – it also has a premium version with more pro features.

Pros – the design is excellent and the overall, the program is fast.

Cons – some features come with behind a paywall.

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