Gmail vs. Outlook – Who Wins the Battle Between the Biggest Email Services

Right now, the most widely used email service is probably Gmail. However, because there are only a few of such services in competition, the battle for the top rank is definitely a fierce one. Gmail’s closest contender is Microsoft’s Outlook, which incorporated Hotmail recently, which was one of the most popular email options at its time.

At this time, Gmail and Outlook share over one billion users and both of them provide a way of managing emails that is really similar, although there are some really distinct features, as you can imagine.


Google’s email service represents maybe the most user-friendly option which is also easy on your internet connection. Gmail can be accessed even when you don’t have a strong signal, allowing you to log in to your account and read your emails, thanks to its incredible and lightweight minimal design.

Its remarkably useful filtering options will let you view your emails in a bunch of different ways. Your received messages can be automatically sorted, according to their type. You will be able to choose between Primary, Social and Promotions. This automatic sorting saves an incredible amount of time for those that receive hundreds or even thousands of emails.


Microsoft’s product is preferred by users who look for organization and familiarity. People who used Outlook for several years find no reason to abandon it and switch to another service. Recently, Outlook changed its appearance too, option for the Blue and White theme with nice clean lines, representing something cleaner and easier on the eyes.

Outlook also features plenty of organizational tools. You have mail, conversations grouping and virtual folders which will allow you to keep a clutter-free inbox. Its flexible search feature will allow you to find whichever email you might want, just by using the subject, recipient or even a word as your search criteria.

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