Latest Fortnite Update for Android Brings New Features and Improvements, Plus A New Game Mode

Not long ago, Fortnite arrived Android and is already receiving necessary updates and improvements. As you know, the game was released on Android for a limited number of smartphones models, while its performance on most handsets disappointed some gamers, especially those with mid-range smartphones. Epic Games, the developer of the legendary Fortnite: Battle Royale title, has just announced a new Fortnite update for Android that includes better support for smartphones but also new enhancements and features.

Just recently the company announced the series of improvements and bug fixes the new Fortnite update for Android brings. Specifically, we have a total of 10 new features and 11 bug fixes present in the new Fortnite v5.20 version recently published by the company on its official website.

What’s new in the latest Fortnite update for Android?

Among the new features in the recently released Fortnite update for Android, there are the following:

  • Voice chat added;
  • Extended support for Essential-PH, Motorola, HTC and Sony Xperia devices;
  • Better optimization in Android devices with Adreno GPU;
  • The status bars, player toolbar, and squad bar can now be moved;
  • Custom HUD design;
  • Drag and drop function for items from the Quick Access Bar;
  • The options of entering and changing seats in a vehicle will now be displayed differently;

Additionally, Epic Games also announced some bug fixes for the new version. According to the devs, the update addresses screen resolution problems, issues that occurred when switching weapons, among others.

Additional to bug fixes and new features, Fortnite update for Android, but also that one for the iOS, includes a new event, which had been announced days before. Called High Stakes, the new event will consist of a new game mode called Getaway. You can read more about this new High Stakes event with its Getaway game mode in Fortnite update for Android here.

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