Microsoft Extended Windows 7 Support Until 2023, But It Won’t Be Free

Are you still running Windows 7? The fact is that Windows 7 still has a large market share nowadays and it appears that Microsoft plans to expand the support for this OS even more, as part of the “Windows 7 Extended Security Updates” program. However, Microsoft will charge for security updates for Windows 7.

Microsoft extended the support for Windows 10 until 2023, but it will charge you for it

The Windows 7 official support will expire on January 14th, 2020, but because of various factors such as its large market share, Microsoft has agreed to launch a special program known as “Windows 7 Extended Security Updates.”

The new “Windows 7 Extended Security Updates” essentially means extended support for Windows 7. In other words, Windows 7 will keep getting security updates until 2023, three years after the end of its official support in 2020.

However, there is a very significant point. Namely, Microsoft will charge for this extended support for Windows 7. For “Windows 7 Extended Security Updates” you will be charged since it will be marketed for a single device and its prices, which are yet unknown, will rise year by year.

Only Microsoft Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise will be eligible for “Windows 7 Extended Security Updates”

Microsoft announced they extended the support for Windows 7. However, only Windows 7 Professional and Enterprise versions of the renowned Microsoft’s OS will be eligible for the “Windows 7 Extended Security Updates.”

This program will be available for Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise. Likewise, all those clients who have Office 365 Pro Plus will be free to use this suite on Windows 7 as long as they have purchased this bundle.

After 2023 there will not be much more to be done than to upgrade to Windows 10 Home or to the Pro version to get in line with the latest security updates. However, Windows 7 will remain there permanently for all users or companies that would like to keep on using it, but with no security updates.

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