WhatsApp Update Download Available for Samsung Devices

Many Android users rely on WhatsApp to get on with their day, including Samsung users. WhatsApp does not stop improving its services and that is the good news.

2018 was WhatsApp’s year for bad and good changes and its last update it just the whipped cream on top. If you are a Samsung user, then you must update your app right now in case you have not done that already.

If you are not the type of person to keep up with WhatsApp’s announcements and updates, there is a lot you lost track of. To make it all more comfortable for you, there is a list below which can help you update your information.

Major Updates for Samsung

The app’s overall performance of WhatsApp was improved in a matter of way this year especially for Samsung devices and other compatible Android ones. The following are what we have been waiting for.

See forwarded texts – You can finally make the difference between an initially sent message and a forwarded now. In case your boyfriend sends morning texts to other chicks as well and forward one to you too, you will see it.

Customize Group Info – There is finally more transparency in the groups are you can set descriptions and quickly see its members.

Option for Group Admins – WhatsApp’s latest and one of the best updates kept its focus o the group admins. At the moment, if you have a Samsung phone or other Android compatible one, only the admins on groups can send messages there, and the non-admins can reply solely through the private message option.

If you are a Samsung user than you must have taken advantage of these new features and update by now. WhatsApp does not stop improving, and we can’t see what it has in the pipeline for us.

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