XPrivacyLua Privacy Manager Helps You Protect The Sensitive Data On Android Smartphones

There are so many apps available for Android, either on the Google Play Store or as APK files or on third-party marketplaces, that it’s virtually impossible for someone to verify the authenticity and credibility of its developer before getting an app. The truth is that many applications for Android need access to different sections of your device and, obviously, it would be easy for devs to put their hand on some of the sensitive data you store on your devices. Therefore, a privacy manager such as XPraviacyLua helps you keep your private data safe.

Also, since you’re using Android smartphones, you might be already aware of the fact that Google’s OS for mobiles is not as safe as iOS, for example, but this one comes with an advantage. Android devices are much more customizable in comparison to Apple handsets. But, with that, there comes the most significant disadvantage of Android, namely, the high risk of sensitive data leak.

XPrivacyLua is the ideal privacy manager to protect the sensitive data on Android smartphones

Applied to both the system apps and user-installed applications on Android devices, XPrivacyLua blocks the apps from accessing specific categories of data on a smartphone which are known as sensitive data.

However, don’t get it wrong, XPrivacyLua is not blocking apps’ permissions. If it would do so, those apps might crash or misbehave. Instead, this privacy manager sends fake data to the apps, thus restricting them to access the real, sensitive data.

Whenever an app performs sensitive actions, XprivacyLua applies restrictions as follows:

  • Get applications (hide installed apps);
  • Get calendars (hide calendars);
  • Get call log (hide call log);
  • Get contacts (hide contacts, including blocked numbers);
  • Get location (fake location, hide NMEA messages);
  • Get messages (hide MMS, SMS, SIM, voicemail);
  • Get sensors (hide all sensors);
  • Read account name (fake name, mostly e-mail address);
  • Read clipboard (fake paste);
  • Read identifiers (fake build serial number, Android ID, GSF ID, advertising ID);
  • Read network data (hide cell info, Wi-Fi networks/scan results/network name);
  • Read telephony data (hide IMEI, MEI, SIM serial number, voicemail number, etc.);
  • Record audio (prevent recording);
  • Record video (prevent recording);
  • Use camera (fake camera);

XPrivacyLua is available for Android 6.0 Marshmellow or later but requires Xposed to work. For more information, installations guidelines, and download go to the official GitHub page of the XPrivacyLua project.

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