Instagram Video Tagging Feature Is Just Around The Corner

Instagram is the most appreciated and popular social network of the moment. While other social networks are declining, as we speak, for whatever reason, Instagram is going through a great period. The application is constantly improving, and, soon, the Instagram video tagging feature will arrive.

One of the problems with the majority of the social networks is that they are not improving their apps with the new features the fans demand. On the other hand, there is Instagram, a social network that is updated regularly with new features so that users are not getting bored with it. Therefore, its users have no reason to move on to another social media app.

So came the “stories,” those posts that last only 24 hours and can only be seen by those people who follow you, as long as you haven’t blocked them, of course, and IGTV, an independent Instagram-subsidiary app to share videos. And the examples could continue.

The Instagram video tagging new feature will arrive soon

The photo tagging feature is already a popular one on social networks, while video tags are something we cannot to at the moment due to their nature.

However, Instagram managed to come up with a feature to allow users to tag others in videos. Now, we will be able to tag people in Instagram videos, and the others will have the option to see the members we tagged in the description of the video.

The Instagram video tagging feature is being tested as we speak and only a minimal percentage of Instagram users can enjoy the new function at the moment. We shall wait and see when this new functionality would be available for all the members of this social network.

However, it is quite clear that Instagram wants its users to focus more on video contents since the latest new feature they added centered on videos.

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