Google Inbox To Be Shut Down In March 2019

Google is expected to announce the discontinuance of its Inbox app starting with March 2019. That might seem like an expected decision by some of the app’s users, but it will soon be official. The Google Inbox, which launched in October 2014, was meant to revolutionize users mailbox by offering more modern features but served its purposes and now there is no more interest in it from Google.

Google Inbox was not meant to replace Gmail

The app’s primary objective was to facilitate the organization and the daily use of emails. As soon as it was launched, Google Inbox automatically labeled emails in different categories such as news, finance, travel, purchases, social networks, and so on. It was also possible to postpone an email until later, to deal with it at a more appropriate time.

Other notable features of Google Inbox include quick replies and easy access to email content, whether it is media or essential information such as a link to track a delivery or a restaurant’s phone number.

Google immediately stated that its Inbox app’s objective was not to replace Gmail app, even though Google raised some concerns when its Google Inbox was launched, leaving many users speculating about Google’s strategy in this regard.

Google Inbox to be discontinued in March 2019

In reality, Google Inbox has served as a test environment for the Google developers, who were able to measure the attractiveness of the new features without disrupting the regular use and users experience of its Gmail app.

Google Gmail app now boasts the best features of Inbox, so there is no more interest in Google Inbox app.

According to a recent Fast Company report, Google would soon announce the discontinuance of its Google Inbox starting with March 2019. A decision that comes as a logical next step since Google launched the new, modern Gmail interface.

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