Microsoft Pro 2018 is in the pipeline and here is what you should know

Members of the press were invited by Microsoft Corp. To attend an event which will take place on the 2nd of October and new Surface products with new cloud services might be released during the meeting.

The Surface Pro and how it will be updated

As many of us expect, Microsoft might reveal a version of the Surface Pro which will be more updated. Last year in May the last model got released even though a report was sure that the sixth generation of Surface Pro would not reach light until the middle of next year.

Forbes’ Ewan Spence believes that the new Surface Pro will be equipped with the latest chipset, have improved 4G and wireless technology, fast memory, but will be an “iterative update with very few bells and whistles to jazz up the release.”

More releases???

Maybe if Microsoft wants to see us happy it will also offer an updated Surface Laptop during the event which went on sale a month later after being released in May 2017.

However, no radical changes should be expected as Surface Laptop is quite a new product in the lineup of Microsoft/ According to a report, Surface Laptop might be improved with an Intel 8th-generation processor and get new USB-C ports. The Surface Laptop’s previous version was equipped with a Mini DisplayPort, a UDB 3.0 port and Microsoft’s proprietary Surface Connect power and docking port.

October 2 will be the day of releases as new Surface-branded headphones are expected to be shown. They are considered the company’s “Modern Life Services.” Other releases include new cloud services and maybe a new version of Windows 10.

Updated versions of Surface Book and Surface Studio might happen too, but we are not so sure.

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